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Nocatee is just different. It used to be that one master-planned community looked very much like the other. Not in Nocatee. It used to be that within any given community, the homes and neighborhoods were often so similar as to be virtually indistinguishable, with rows and rows of identical homes lining identical streets. Not in Nocatee.
Located in Ponte Vedra just a few miles from the beach, Nocatee will never be known for cookie-cutter homes and carbon-copy neighborhoods. Today’s new home buyers in Nocatee will enjoy the luxury of choosing from numerous master-planned communities, each with its own distinct character. Taking its cue from places like the quaint coastal village of Seaside, Fla. to rustic desert ranches like Mountain’s Edge in Nevada, Nocatee is a master-planned community made attainable for just about any style, taste or budget.
Driving through Nocatee, you'll certainly see a lot of "coming soon" or "now open" signs. Your Nocatee neighbors say they're constantly popping up all over the place. And here’s why: In new construction, Nocatee has outperformed just about every area of new construction in northeast Florida. More than 838 homes were sold in 2013, that's a 65 % increase over 2012.
The Nocatee coastal master-planned community offers home prices as low as $100,000 and reach to well over $1 million. By the end of this year, Nocatee will have more than 20 neighborhoods within its boundaries, with nine new communities slated to open in 2014.

Nocatee Area guide. Take a look at our complete nocatee guide that will help you find the best area for you in this new home community. See what restaurants, shops and parts are nearby, what are the best schools in the st. johns area you are looking to purchase your home.
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